In 2019, the HD community in Australia welcomed three new international clinical trials from the sponsors Wave Life Sciences and Hoffman-La Roche. These trials are all planned to continue for some time, at least into 2021. The trials are very important because they are testing novel drugs in people with Huntington’s disease (HD). All three trials have been progressing well in terms of recruitment and participant activity.

We wanted to inform the community of necessary changes to the trial activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The doctors and site staff for all three HD trials in Australia are following the guidance of the trial sponsors regarding how to manage the trials during the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, they must follow requirements in the states and hospitals where these trials are taking place to minimise the risk of exposure to the virus for trial participants and staff.

Specific changes in trial activities vary site to site due to differences in site policies and guidelines. Importantly, sites will continue to remotely monitor the health and safety of all trial participants currently enrolled in these trials.
If you are a participant in one of these ongoing trials, the site staff will keep you informed about changes to scheduling or temporary suspensions of trial visits.

We are in close contact with the sponsors responsible for these trials and the governance officials at each site where these trials are conducted. They will inform us when it is safe for the trials to recommence. When this happens, trial participants will be contacted regarding next steps in their trial participation.

We trust that you understand that this important decision has been made to protect the health and safety of all trial participants and staff, as well as the wider community.

We hope you remain safe and healthy during these uncertain and challenging times.